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Remaining Insurance Benefits

Fall has arrived. We can tell by the cooler nights, shorter days and even the leaves beginning to show a hint of color. As we settle into a routine of homework, sports schedules and carpools, it is important to consider that the New Year will be here in the blink of an eye.

Most dental insurance plans have the beginning of the new year (January 1) as the anniversary date for benefits. The good news is that on that date, the full amount of benefits will be available for any dental procedures needed. The bad news is that any benefits not used will be lost as very few, if any dental insurance plans “roll over”. Therefore, if you have been advised by your dental team to have procedures done and you have dental benefits remaining, it would be a great time to schedule an appointment now while both you and your provider have some flexibility.

It is a frequent occurrence that during December, many realize that they have benefits remaining and need procedures done and call to schedule. Unfortunately, we are often so busy with these requests appointment availability becomes very limited. This creates unneeded stress on everyone. So, think back to your last recare appointment and if there was treatment recommended, consider calling now so we can accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability.












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