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Discreet Care for Cavities with Tooth-Colored Fillings

man smirkingIn the past, dentists relied on metal fillings (also known as amalgam fillings) to help patients treat small to mid-sized cavities. Metal fillings are durable and long-lasting, but they have a significant downside. They’re not very pretty. Because they’re made of a variety of metals, amalgam fillings are dark gray. Against your smile, they stand out and make you feel self-conscious about smiling.

Today, metal fillings are no longer the standard when it comes to treating cavities. Dentists like Dr. Chaney prefer tooth-colored fillings. Not only are tooth-colored fillings durable, but as the name suggests, they are shaded to match the natural color of your smile. You’ll never have to worry about the world seeing fillings when you smile. Only you and our Fayetteville dental team ever know they’re there.

Other Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

In addition to blending with your smile, tooth-colored fillings bond with your tooth in a way that strengthens and supports their structural integrity. Metal fillings can’t do this. As a result, tooth-colored fillings are a more supportive and conservative option allowing Dr. Chaney to leave more of the natural tooth in place. That’s great news for your smile.